Getting Hackneyed

Hackney captain Paul Conway reveals how the Middlesex League was conquered Article reproduced with permission from Chess Magazine. You can subscribe to Chess Magazine at  Three seasons ago Hackney’s Middlesex League team was in need of a new venue and my Chief Exec said we could use a room at the office. The club’s view was that, since I’d

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Shaun Tracey: Rooking all over the world

Hackney CC’s Shaun Tracey moved to the Cayman Islands a few years ago. He has kept his love of chess going by setting up a Cayman Islands Chess Association which includes coaching for juniors ( And after a recent trip to London, Shaun took part in the World Open in Philadelphia. Playing in the U1800 he started with two defeats

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London League AGM: a mockery of democracy

News from London League AGM. A bad night for chess. We were backing Hammersmith CC’s motion to end the absurd system of adjournments (that a few old timers insist is their birthright) and bring London Chess league into the 21st century. Unfortunately the motion did not even reach the floor as some clever tactics by some clubs ensured that a

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