Hackney 3 serve up a win against Wimbledon

On Wednesday 3rd October Hackney 3 played Wimbledon 2 in their first match of the new season.
It was expected to be a tough match, as last year we were out graded by over 13 points, and lost 7 to 3.
This year we fielded a stronger side, and Wimbledon a weaker side. When the team sheets were exchanged, we out graded our opponents by a couple of points.
I lost the toss and we played white on the even boards.
First blood went to Robin, who checkmated his opponent soon after the start, but Wimbledon pulled it back when Rauf lost, and the match remained evenly poised. Then the points began to flow steadily in our favour, with wins for Paul, Salim, and Emyr, and draws for Jeff, Peter, James, Mark, and myself.
The final result was 6.5 to 3.5, with Hackney winning comfortably. An excellent result, and a great start to the season.
Well done everybody!
Many thanks as well to Frank and Zebedee for turning up on the night and supporting the team.
Alistair Dyte – Hackney 3’s Captain