The Blade Runner Gambit

We have been approached by Secret Cinema ( asking whether we would like to participate in their current project Blade Runner, the Final Cut which is taking place in London (location is secret, I will reveal when I know who is coming).
See here for more details please:

As you can see this is an interactive experience based on the film and filmgoers will enjoy a couple of hours of experiences based on the film before watching a screening in an auditorium.
I have spoken with Emily in the production team and they are looking for chess players to be part of the interactive experience. This will involve playing blitz games with clocks for a couple of hours and those of us who are involved will then be able to watch the film afterwards.
The film runs Wednesday to Sunday evenings and the chance to be part of this is open to anyone over 18.
Participants will not be paid but I have asked Secret Cinema if they will make a donation to the club. There will not be a cost to us to participate. There are two options for how this will work:
Option 1: four of us will play blitz on two boards and people may come over and watch and then we can play occasional games as we do with onlookwers at the roch.
Option 2: we could try doing a simul instead of Option 1.

If you are interested in participating please let me know by email and please give me the date(s) you would like to attend.
Obviously I will try to accommodate everyone who wants to take part.
Best wishes