Stanley’s a sharp tool at St Albans!

We often sing the praises of the top players in Hackney Chess Club and we are of course proud of IM Richard Bates, FMs Richard Britton, Bob Eames and Ruben Gutierrez and a host of other 2000-plus rated players who turn out for our teams. But we also like to give credit to our lower graded players who turn in great performances. We remember with pride Maris Salumets’ amazing draw in the 4NCL a couple of years ago (a game that actually featured in the Sunday Telegraph). And it gives us great pleasure to feature a game by Steve Stanley who showed that his official ECF grading of 79 was clearly out of date as he turned in an excellent 3/5 to finish joint fifth in the Minor Section of the prestigious St Albans Congress. Steve has shown how valuable our Saturday night Rochester Castle informal coaching sessions are, and how much we learn from our high-graded players who are always pleased to help us get better.

There were other excellent results from St Albans; Richard Bates won the Open with 4.5/5 and Tobias Baumann won the Major with the same score. Also in the Major were Peter Burgoyne, (3.5 joint third) and Robin Oakley (3 joint fourth) and in the Intermediate,  Alistair Dyte (3 joint fourth) with Bob Neame finishing on 2/5 in the Minor.


Here is one of Steve’s games from the Minor, with the Black pieces.


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