Major and minor success in London League

A good week for two of our lower graded teams. Despite being outgraded, our Division 5 team saw off King’s Head 2.5-1.5 with wins for captain Chris Gribben and Declan Kilcline, a draw for Zebedee Jones and a loss on top board for Dominic Leigh. We stand a very creditable third in what is a highly competitive division.

Hackney Gorki will move off the bottom of the Div 6 table after picking up at least half a point against Hammersmith Hedger. Omar Jassim won on top board, debutant George Perkins is adjourned and William Marsh lost on Board 3 and with a point for a default on Board 4 we are assured of at least half a point. Running the Gorki team has been a great success, giving our junior players an opportunity for over-the-board league games and a lot of credit goes to captain Chris Thorne who has given 17 players games over the season.