Prince Timur reigns supreme

GM Timur Garayev enjoyed an almost perfect evening at The Prince on Kynaston Road taking on 17 Hackney Chess Club players and finishing with a +16.5 scoreline in a simultaneous on Wednesday 26 April. Organiser of the event John Reid describes a special night in the club’s history.

I just wanted to say thanks to all who turned up and played or watched the simultaneous on Wednesday. I hope you all had enjoyable games. Also I want to thank Bob Eames for providing most of the chess playing kit. Here are some of the highlights:

– As far as I could tell during the match our best chances lay with Jochen Wittmann but he tells me he dropped a rook at some point and that was the end of that.

– Apparently Bob had a good position but it was too dark outside for me to work it out, in any case Timur offered a draw (he says he wasn’t serious and thought he was losing). Bob accepted so that was our only positive result of the night.

– Young William Zhang says he could have won if he hadn’t pointed out Timur was about to lose his queen. Timur’s take on it is that he was just teasing William by pretending he was going to make a bad move. Perhaps we’ll never know the truth.


The future’s bright: William Zhang (seated) and Joe Thorne pushed Timur all the way

– Timur also tells me Greg Barker’s friend (sorry I don’t know your name) had a nice position two pawns up but was tricked somehow, so well played to him for winning those pawns.

– Both Chris Thorne’s sons Alex and Joe had good games and one of them (Joe?) took Timur all the way to a not-quite drawish rook endgame, very well played especially for a 10 year old.

Other games ended in a more one-sided fashion but lessons were learned. That made the final score 16.5 – 0.5 in Timur’s favour.

Apologies again for the temperature both outside and by the door. We had unseasonably cold weather! Also I regret not having a few more clocks although Timur was pretty cool about the clock confusion and it worked out in the end.

I think, therefore GM: Timur at The Prince

If any of you are unashamed enough to share your games, just send John Reid a PGN file to and he will put them on the site.



Photography: Michele Monticello (